Social Income

Tax fraud affects everyone.

Shortfalls from these uncollected taxes cause communities to suffer.

Infrastructure projects, social security and funding for our veterans are all underfunded services.


Misclassification hurts everyone.

Employers that pay workers in cash, or misclassify, them results in higher taxes for everyone.

The cheating employer profits while everyone else pays.

Wage Theft

Wage theft hurts everyone.

Deliberately underpaying workers or not paying overtime is wage theft.

Worker compensation and unemployment insurance get short funded when employers commit wage theft.

Help End Wage Theft

You can help put an end to tax fraud. Contact your Attorney General to make your voice heard and to let them know that you will not stand idly by while these organizations burden you with their unpaid taxes. We will not allow them to get away with it!

Tax Fraud Doesn’t Discriminate

Everyone is affected…Even YOU!


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